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HearSay LLC has been providing communication access services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community since 2008. HearSay was co-founded by Nicole Dory and Maryellen Smolka, Assistive Technology Specialists, analyzing the Communication needs of people with disabilities.

On-site & Remote CART provision

On-site CART provision is when the CART provider is in the same location as the consumer, the consumer may be reading…

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C-Print is a communication access service which provides the consumer with a meaning for meaning service rather than a verbatim transcript.

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Electronic Note Taking

Electronic Note taking is a service provision which meets the need of many individuals, Deaf and hearing alike. Electronic note taking

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Transcription is a service provided after a meeting has taken place. Once we are given a recording of the meeting we will create a verbatim transcript.

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What is CART?

CART is a service which provides equal access to auditory information for people who may be deaf, hard of hearing, have a learning disability such as central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) or, CART may also be used by individuals for whom English is not their primary language.

With the provision of CART, the responsibility for the consumers learning or understanding lies with the consumer. For example, rather than relying on notes or an interpretation provided by others, the consumer will have a verbatim record of the event from which to determine what is or is not important based on the consumer’s understanding of the material presented.